Check Before Buying

To mitigate the risks to tourists associated with the sale of fake travel packages through online media, the Department of Public Security of the State of Quintana Roo has strengthened its cyberpatrol on the internet.

The Cybernetic Police Unit has strengthened actions destined to reduce the sale of fake touristic products through prevention, which will allow to reaffirm the trust that visitors have on the Mexican Caribbean, a world-class destination.

Because of this, the Cybernetic Police Unit has made public the following recommendations to avoid falling for internet fraud when booking vacation plans, flights, hotel nights, or any other vacation service online, more so during vacation season:


Always try to purchase from reputable vendors; a well-known and/or well-rated website is always a safer choice.

Avoid websites from ad pop-ups, emails, or text messages; access your trusted website yourself.

Distrust any offer that seems too good to be true; they are never true.

Verify that the payment method/processing provider is a safe, certified, and reputable one.

Verify the quote offered before making the purchase by communicating directly with the company through official channels, and not only the individual vendor.

Should you be a victim of a cybercrime, the Cybernetic Police Unit is available through the following email: